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Here’s what some of our Santa Clara, CA customers are saying about us:

  • Amazing work done here. I loved how they fixed up my camero after I had backed up into something, you couldnt tell anything had happened. I definitely found my to go body shop hands down. Thank you for your work and time. I couldnt thank him enough when I saw my car. Price was good as well. great place

    nun ya Google Reviews

    The clear coat and metallic paint on my car had become badly cracked and faded, to the point where a couple body panels needed to be completely sanded, primed and re-painted. Frank gave me a very fair price and timeline. He stuck to the timeline and the quote, and he and his team at Westcoast Auto Body did a fantastic job; my car looks great again. If I need body work done in the future, I'll head straight to Westcoast.

    Gary King Google Review

    I brought in our 2008 Nissan Sentra to have the damaged front bumper cover and right headlight replaced. Frank gave me the option of using dealer or aftermarket parts. I also asked about some peeling paint on the door trim of all the doors. The replacement trim parts were pricey, but Frank offered to attempt to peel off the remaining paint on them and repaint them for a much lower price. In 3 days he called me and told me the car was done. When I went to pick it up, the work he and his team had done was excellent. I was particularly impressed by the trim work they did, as all the trim they worked on looked like new and they didn't even disassemble the doors to do it. Highly recommended.

    Mike W Google Review

    Seriously, Frank is the best! He does amazing work, gives more than a fair price and is such a personable guy. I had no issues whatsoever with Westcast Auto Body & Painting. Embarrassingly enough, I had to make an appearance twice before finally coming in to have the work done (it's a long story...), but he was very easy to talk to and work with. I went to three places in the area for three different quotes, as I was going to be paying out of pocket and didn't want to blow all my money on a stupid mistake. His quote was generally about $400 less than the other quotes and since I saw the awesome reviews he had on Google Plus, I had to take the plunge. In hindsight, I am extremely glad that I chose Frank. He will undefinitely be my go-to guy from now on. The car looks better than new and the price was very very hard to beat. I would reccomend him to anyone in the SJ/Santa Clara area/South Bay area. Quality work for a better price. :)

    Whitney Larson Google Review

    I have used West Coast twice now and am very satisfied with the whole experience. I found them on Google maps. Both jobs were isurance repairs. In the latest job, Frank managed to negotiate to use all new factory parts, rather than aftermarket, that the insurance company wanted to use. In both jobs there was other damage I had accumulated, and they repaired that for a reasonable cost. In this most recent job, the vehicle really looks like a brand new 2009 again. They did a full exterior detail, and I just discovered the other day, they power washed the engine compartment ! First class work Easy to work with friendly crew Work done in a timely manner Reasonable cost

    Mark Johnson Google Review

    My car bumper and parts underneath were damaged pretty badly. Not only frank gave me the lowest quote, he also fixed it all in one day while other places gave me a quote for double the amount and said they need atleast 2-3 days. Frank ordered the parts day before and when frank realized he needed another part to fix my car, instead of telling the customer they need more time, frank didn't hesitate to drive all the way to the buy the part himself and made sure the car was fixed and ready to go by the end of the day. Amazing people, great service, I strongly recommend this place.

    Anusha K Google Review

    I had in the past taken another car that had been hit on the side door and Frank took care of all the insurance paperwork. So I felt comfortable taking my black Infiniti to repair chips, scratches and dents. Not only did they take care of all that I wanted but they even made the head lights look shiny again without extra cost. My car looks brand new again!!

    Maria R. Cabral Google Review

    My teen son discovered Frank & WestCoast Auto Body a few months when he had a collision with his BMW & needed some major work done in the front of his car. Frank and his crew did an excellent job at very reasonable prices. He took the time to search for used parts to save us money & he did extra's on my son's car with the bumper at no charge. Then the 2nd time we came in was for my Mercedes which was also in a rear ended accident. Frank again, took the time to search for used parts & car came out looking better than it came in. He repainted the hood and fixed the A/C, radiator & also fixed some other things he didn't charge me for. He also offered a loaner car at no charge although we didn't need it. I'd have to say I'm impressed...& I'm a tough critic! I will always come back to Frank for any future auto-body work & would highly recommend him to my friends/family. Honest, professional, and great quality work is what you'll find!

    Elane Nguyen Google Review

    After my cars back bumper was hit and run and scratched up, I looked all over the San Jose area to find a good price to get it repainted. After going through 5 auto shops, Frank from Westcoast Auto Body was the one who gave me the lowest quote. Frank only took about 2 days to get it repainted and the results look outstanding, he also washed my car and it looks as good as new! Franks is also a military vet so you know he will work hard on your car. I highly recommend West Coast Auto body for car repairs!

    Ronald Nepacena Google Review

    When my front bumper fell off, I found Westcoast Auto Body to have excellent reviews. I contacted them, and Frank personally gave me an estimate over the phone. When I arrived at his location with the vehicle, he looked it over with me to get a more complete estimate. He was very understanding with my desire to get the job done on a budget, and only fixed the damages I had indicated on the vehicle. After securing some after market parts for me (to keep costs lower), he called me personally to let me know that some extra work needed to be done (which had not been apparent during the estimate), to get approval for the extra charges. On the whole, the work performed exceeded my expectations. Although the office is a little disorganized, Frank is excellent at what he does, will work with you individually to get your vehicle looking nice, and seems to genuinely care about each of his customers.

    John Jenkins Google Review
  • I liked their service very much..They did very good job to remove a scratch on the paint of the car.. I recommend them with a straight Yes.

    MD. Borhan Uddin Google Review

    My car was rear ended so it needed a new bumper and absorber. I went to a total of three places for a quote. Two places said they had to keep my car for 3 days minimum. I went to WestCoast and spoke with Frank. He said he can order the parts, paint and I would only have to leave my car for a few hours. The person that hit my car was paying for the damages and Frank was able to work with her so I didn't have to be the middle person. My parts came in, I dropped it off for a few hours and it was done! It looked great! Also, Frank had better prices than the other two places and made everything so convenient. I would definately recommend his services.

    Selena Espinoza Google Review

    Will be back again, great service and price. Have been doing business with Frank for many years, he has worked on my Volvo and Prius. He always finds a way to get me the best price and quality. The most honest man I have meet in this business and goes the extra mile to make sure I am happy with the work.

    A Google User Google Review

    West coast auto body replaced the front bumper for my car and other small glitches..I definitely recommend this place. 1. Has the lowest prices in the area for the same work. 2. Did a high quality job which looked great. Moreover, all other places wanted me to leave the car for two days..Frank found the color code of my car and used it to paint the bumper. He did a complete job and I am really happy with his service and quality of work.

    Nitin Gupta Google Review

    The person who hit my car referred me to take my car to Westcoast. He recommended Frank, the body shop owner will take care of it properly. He was right. Frank fixed my car very well. There were some problems in getting correct parts from dealer. Frank handled them all and delivered the car nicely. Thanks Frank.

    Sahul Hameed Google Review

    I took my car to get the front bumper repainted after a scrape. The service was fast, the work was beautifully done, and the price was very reasonable. Frank took good care of my car and he was a pleasure to deal with - no upselling or any funny stuff with the bill. I'm definitely coming back to this shop the next time I need work done.

    A Google User Google Review

    Frank was the only person who was willing to give me a quote for the repair work over the phone. All the other places wouldn't do so, giving me the round about of how they needed to see the car etc to estimate the cost. That would normally be the case, except I had very precise work that needed to be done, there was no guestimation involved. I gave them my exact year/make/model and told them the entire rear bumper needed to be replaced period. I would think that was enough information to provide the estimate. While others gave me the usual talk,. Frank clearly told me how much it would cost. His quote was 20% less than the other body shops. He told me he would go ahead and order the part, have it painted and all ready, so that I wouldn't need to keep my car in his shop for more than a few hours (again the other shops told me it would take anywhere between 2-4 days). Frank stuck to his quote and timelines. On the day of the repair, he gave me a ride home after I dropped off my car, and a couple of hours later came back and picked me up. If you are looking for no drama, no nonsense repairs, with someone who is honest and trust worthy, Frank should be a good bet

    A Google User Google Review

    Perfect service, fast and high quality work! I'v tried to get a quote from a few body shops in Sunnyvale/Santa Clara area, but Franks's was a cheapest one. I gave my Honda to Frank for a quite serious scratch removing. I got it back pretty fast and it's totally impossible to recognize the place where the scratch was. It just looks like it just came from the factory! If you really like your car and want get it to the good hands for any kind body repair - I'll recommend to give it to Westcoast Auto Body! Thanks again, Frank!

    A Google User Google Review

    I have a metallic gray Acura TL and the rear end was slightly dented and scratch. It is my baby! I sent an email to 6 different places in the area with pictures and a description of what I wanted fixed. Frank's reply was by far the most detailed quote, so I drove over to Sunnyvale, but unfortunately he moved to Santa Clara a few blocks away from hom and so I had to drive back. When I got there, Frank was this scruffy guy that was very...well...frank. It might rub some the wrong way, but I welcome it. He stood by his quote which was one-half the quote I got at a Monterey, CA outfit, and 30% less than what I was quoted from an El Camino body shop. Frank was finished in two days and the finished product was pretty amazing. The dent was right where a bunch of metal folds together, at the edge of the top end of the rear quarterpanel. The paint matched, the dent was gone, and the scratches were nowhere to be seen. I would certainly recommend Frank to my friends. He does like to talk so be sure to have a bit of extra time on your hands. He will show you his workshop and his current work. He had a vette that I saw before and after and it really surprises me he is not running a bigger shop. I feel a little remorse when an older generation with class and precision is quickly forgotten if they are not web savvy or too good for bribery. The bottom line is, I wish I could yelp Yelp!

    A Google User Google Review

    I have been there twice, and both times the job quality was excellent, and the price was right. If I need it again (I hope not), I will definitely be back.

    A Google User Google Review
  • 5 starBeautiful high quality work, always wanting the BEST for the customers. FREE estimates. The WELCOMING owner Frank that loves his customers. This is YOUR best offer!

    Clarissa Denise Facebook Review

    Frank is very friendly and professional. I needed a small service and he did it for a good price. The work has been done well, very fast. So now I know where to go if I need some repair for my car one day!

    Elodie C. Yelp Review

    I was Very impressed with the quality and the Price of the work that Frank done to my car! His team did an Excellent job faster and at 50% discount than the other shop where I got an original estimate! I could not be happier! My car looks like new. This company deserves recognition. Best wishes to this wonderful business!

    Svetlana D. Yelp Review

    I have brought my Hyundai Genesis in twice for insurance work for the front fender and rear quarter panel work. Frank is a great guy and extremely helpful. The white pearl and body work came out exceptional. I would highly recommend getting your body work done here.

    Jonathan N. Yelp Review

    Scraped up the side of my car parking - embarrassed to say - and having recently moved into the area, was looking for a trusted bodyshop to go to. Frank was really helpful and professional, felt like someone I could trust, and he delivered, making my car look brand new, more quickly than the initial estimated delivery date, and at a very affordable price. No one wants to get repairs done, but if I'm going to, I'll be sure to go to Frank again.

    Daniel R. Yelp Review

    I called a few body shops to see about coming by for an estimate to fix/replace my front bumper after an accident. 2 out of 3 shops made me wait for an appointment, but when I called Westcoast Auto Body, Frank picked up and said 'yeah, just come in whenever you want'. I was super anxious and was there in 10 minutes to get my estimate. In and out in 10 minutes. After getting another estimate from another shop up the street, I decided to go with Westcoast because his estimate was much much lower and plus ALL the positive Yelp reviews. Took my car by on a Saturday, they got all the paint info they needed from my VIN number and Frank went ahead and ordered my new bumper. He said the bumper will arrive in a day or two, then they'll paint it and call me when they will be ready to install. They called me Tuesday afternoon, said bumper is painted, so I dropped off Wednesday morning. By Wednesday afternoon my car was done. When I walked up to my car the first thing I noticed was that they had also touched up a little scratch I had on my rear bumper and they also had detailed my entire car. And then I saw my beautiful new bumper... wow, what a perfect job. I couldn't have been more pleased. I would definitely recommend this body shop for your car repair needs.

    Julia J. Yelp Review

    My wife was very happy with the work done by Frank to repair the rear bumper on her Mini Cooper. The car was returned washed and cleaned. Frank's estimate for the repair was very reasonable compared to three other body shops I visited. We would definitely recommend Frank and his staff for any auto repair work.

    Michelle G. Yelp Review

    Frank and his team did a wonderful job on my Honda Civic. They did a thorough job matching my existing color with the right paint code variant when I initially came in, then ordered and painted the parts before I dropped off the car. Turn around time was less than a day and it looks perfect. Definitely would recommend Westcoast and Frank.

    Hope W. Yelp Review

    I got a huge scratch on my Tesla from right side front door all the way to rear door plus dents on quarter panel! Frank gave me the most reasonable repair estimate for the price and work timeline among my all other 3 quotes! Not mentioned 2 months waiting period from two other Tesla authorized auto shops. Frank provided details info promptly to my concerns on the Tesla unique 3 stages paint and RED color matching. Based on his great Yelp reviews I decided to trust his auto shop for the repairs. Frank didn't disappoint me! My Tesla came out beautifully and looked brand new within one week repair. I can't say thanks enough to his team. I strongly recommend West Coast auto shop!

    Sally S. Yelp Review

    Got my 2017 Silverado body panel replaced . got a prompt service and they cleaned my truck as well. Highly recommend

    Shrikant S. Yelp Review

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